NEW  When The Winds Blow

            Many times the winds of circumstance have tried to blow down the things I value in my family life. While being blown around I would cry out for the peace of heaven to come and save the day but most of the time those windy experiences did not end quite the way I expected. But with each passing storm I have learned a little more about how to sail and how to be a better sailor. My many sailing experiences have helped me define the four dark winds that have continually challenged my life. These winds are drastically different than the winds of heaven, for the winds of heaven are refreshing and usually come with some level of goodness. It's those dark winds with their dark influences that have caused havoc in the lives of people, and have filled up correctional institutions, asylums and hospitals. It is these winds that I have found myself brushing against.

            The first of these four winds is that subtle wind that tries to deceive and slowly steer me off course. The second is that gale force wind that bangs upon the front door of my life to intimidate. The third one comes as a tornado trying to rattle me big time. The forth one is that hurricane.

            I found that with discernment I can avoid the first wind. It's only when I deal with my fears and phobias that I can sail through the second wind. The third wind of tornadoes has a lot to do with issues and usually there's a lot of yelling and screaming in this storm. Getting to know boundaries usually helps me sail around these storms. But the hurricanes are storms that have been strategically planned to cause some kind of displacement. They will hit either my family, finances, business or friendships and are designed to somehow displace me mentally, physically or spiritually. I find that when this storm hits I need to get to the centre of it where there is peace, because this storm is not going to stop. When it hits I need to find that place at the center of the storm because I need to be thinking straight, my heart needs to be at a place of peace, cause if I don't this storm will have its way with me. As the storm passes, and I'm in that place where I need to be, I can then handle the aftermath without falling apart.

            I have sailed my share of storms and I have tried to glean from each storm on how to be a better sailor. The one important thing I have learned is that I need to take the eye of the storm wherever I go. Sure heaven has the ability to stop any storm, but I also realize that heaven requires me to be a good sailor. That can only happen if I allow heaven to train me up and take me sailing.


 NEW  The Windex Angel

         Heaven may validate me, but the dark side is working overtime to discredit me. Those caught up in the dark side have been throwing out rumors and stories trying to assassinate my character for some time now. The blatant lies and the twisting of my words have become relentless. They've slung enough mud that some of it is bound to stick. And you know the dark side is doing a good job when those close to you start believing their lies. Clearly the dark side absolutely hates it when I receive prophetic revelation. They know that I am receiving supernatural intelligence and when that intelligence is released it usually exposes those dark influences along with their dark strategies. If they are able to assassinate my character then whatever prophetic intelligence I receive will carry little weight. And if those close to me turn on me, then that gives darkness another resounding victory, for they know that I have enough perspective to effectually release heaven here on earth. A perspective designed to expose their strategies!

         Because of their relentlessness I have forced myself to run a tighter ship. I have found that one of the ways that they have been able to pull this stuff off is because of the loose ends I have hanging out there, and they love to pull on loose ends. This has forced me to yank up the boot straps of integrity. Acting with more integrity and cleaning up loose ends should minimize the assassination attempts on my character.

         Attacks on prophetic character are probably a given, but why help them along the way. I realize that this is not a personal thing, it's more of them wanting to silence the prophetic voice in me. But where it becomes personal is when their assignments are designed to effect the family unit!

         When those rumors, stories and lies start flying around I usually find myself heading off into a spin cycle where I just beat myself up. Then, in the midst of my personal flaying, heaven has a way of showing up and speaking amazing words of comfort. It's like an angel coming with a bottle of Windex cleaning the windshield of my life, allowing me to see things with a clearer perspective. The amount of times I have gone through the spin cycle, one could probably fill a pickup truck full of empty Windex bottles. The dark side may be ruthless, but I have found that the God of heaven is more faithful than those ruthless ones. Ya gotta love those Windex angels.

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The Road Paved

          Recently I found myself going through more of life's crushing circumstances. The roadway seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. One day as I was walking on a pebbled roadway near the horse ranch, heaven started to speak about a certain narrow road that has been laid for all of us, a road established with lives that have been broken and only through brokenness did they qualify to be positioned on this roadway. A narrow humble road founded by heaven and paved by those who have laid down their lives from serving self to serving others. Those lives have allowed the grinding process of circumstances to mold true character, a refining process of character endorsed from heaven itself. As I continued to walk, I was overwhelmed again and again by all who have laid down their lives so that I could proceed on this road today. Past generations of chosen people who have paved the road for this present generation. Those very lives that have suffered for heaven's sake are the same lives that even now look down as they cheer while seeing the baton passed for the continuance of the things of heaven here on earth.

         I stopped and continued to look down upon that road, my heart pounded with the awesome revelation of it all. I was then hit with an overwhelming sense of responsibility a sense of allowing the process to have its finished work in my life. At a time when some of the most amazing things are about to be released from heaven, I felt a need to stay close to this roadway, for heaven embraces the humble and brokenhearted and will not turn its face from those who have chosen to walk this path. I was humbled by the fact that each pebble in that road represented a life that was willing to lay itself down in order to pave the way so that I and others could walk on this roadway.        

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That Little Girl

            I started my new job as a milkman in the west end of town and was to deliver milk to a new customer in a house that I once rented. The young woman who opened the door asked me to step inside. She found out that I at one time lived at the house, she wanted to talk to me about the things that were scaring her daughter. Almost every night her daughter would wake up and run across the hall into her moms bedroom asking her mom to get rid of that scary thing that appeared in her bedroom. That’s the real reason for the milk delivery, the young mother wanted to ask me if this type of thing ever happened while I lived here.

            I mentioned that some pretty weird events did happen on the property. Spirits from the dark side did appear, furniture in the kitchen did entertain themselves the odd evening, and the sound of voices did ring the still air every now and then, but everything disappear after we prayerfully took care of it. Obviously the dark side tore up their eviction notice and decided to occupy once again. After our lengthy conversation I told her I would pray for her daughter.

            I jumped into the back of my milk truck, cleared out all the empty milk crates, got on my knees and began to pray. I prayed that heaven would send angels to watch over this little girl, and that these menacing spirits would no longer have their way! I asked heaven to step in and give this little girl a covering.

            A week later I went back to deliver more milk and the young woman came dashing out the door to tell me the good news. She said the very night after my day of visitation, her daughter slept the entire evening. When she woke up the next morning she told her mom about a big angel that stood by her bed. Apparently this angel leaned over and spoke to her little girl saying everything was going to be all right. He had been sent to watch over her, and from that day forward, that angel, on assignment, stood by her bed every night.

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Horses in My Bedroom

            I woke up this morning and glanced across my bedroom, and I was completely surprised as the whole wall turned into a full size movie screen. An open vision of many horses galloping towards me! They grouped themselves at the foot of my bed — staring at me. I somehow knew that these horses had been sent here for a purpose. I could hear the breathing, the snorting, and the stomping of hooves as they gathered all around the foot of my bed, positioning themselves shoulder to shoulder as they eyeballed me. What did this all mean? Obviously it had something to do with power, but why?

            As I stared at the surrounding horses I realized heaven was displaying their horsepower. If that be true, then whatever plans heaven has with that horsepower involves me. As I tried to unravel the mystery, the most obvious question came into play; "And what in heavens name are you all up to now?" If I'm right, and I do need that power, and I mix that power with whatever understanding I have on how heaven surprises me with their chain of events, then I'd have to guess that I'm only going to find out why I need that horsepower — when the time is right! And that would be around the same time when I find myself pounding on heavens door. So like a flinching horse — I await for the inevitable to come.

            Nice vision but it has that hippity hop off to the birdie boiler feeling .

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The Greatest Revelation

            It's amazing what I have found out about this one called "Jesus" First of all the word "massive" is probably too small to describe him. And when he said he's "Alpha and Omega" he's not kidding. The power behind that name is impressive! I've seen it firsthand! For me, as one who's stuck here on this planet, he has become an amazing revelation of God. It's because of him that my journey even came into existence. He is the mystery of the invisible God that has become visible. That was a stunning revelation to me — God manifested in the flesh. He is creator, revealer, savior and mediator, and I've seen him in action. That I cannot deny. He is omnipotent and omnipresent, he really is the ultimate King of kings. I have found that outside of Jesus, there is no wider, deeper, greater, broader, higher dimension known. When I spoke out his name to the dark influences, it was like pulling out a 44 magnum in the spirit. There is amazing authority in that name and those bad boys do find themselves vacating. In heaven he is recognized as the undisputed heavyweight. I have come to realize that he is a high ranking official and a top administrator in heaven. I realized that if he is that powerful, then I'm sealing every one of my prayers with his name. The awe-inspiring part of it all is that he, for some reason, is willing to dwell in the hearts of men.

            I have walked a number of years since our introductions and he has intervened a few times in my life. I remember on one particular occasion, it was six in the morning, I was sitting in my vehicle at a quiet foggy intersection; it was so foggy that I could not see the other side. Suddenly, as I was about to accelerate a voice cut through the silence "Don't move!" As I pondered on the word, thinking about accelerating again, I heard the command again. All of a sudden, a semi transport with two long trailers hooked on the back came blazing out of the fog and through the intersection. Stunned, I sat there with my eyes welling up. I realized once again he and his team of angels just saved my life.

            On another such occasion was when I was working at a construction site renovating the office of a big warehouse. I was on the ground framing a wall when I heard that voice again "Stand up!" The moment I stood up a main support beam from the ceiling came crashing down right in front of my toes!

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Renaissance in the Arts

            As an artist, I felt that heaven was about to unleash another renaissance in the arts. I began to create art that was very prophetic; when people looked at my work, they were impacted with the power of heaven. People were weeping as they became healed. The art spoke to them deep within.

            I was as surprised by this as anyone else and I realized I had touched on something huge. Perhaps heaven was about to release another artistic renaissance. I knew that the first renaissance of heavenly expression happened in the sixteenth century through artists like Michael Angelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many others. A second wave occurred in the 1960’s. We are now at the threshold of a third renaissance and it could be a big one.

            When the visions came I felt the need to illustrate them because writing them out didn't do a whole lot of justice to what heaven was trying to express. I spent days and weeks putting art pieces together. It was like going into heaven's treasure house and bringing the jewels back to earth and throwing them on a canvas. Good art can do good things, but what I discovered is that when art is anointed it can channel the power of heaven, causing amazing effects in people.

            I realized that this third wave of art will be used as instruments of destruction against the surrounding dark influences. It will have the ability to cause paradigm shifts as heaven manifests through the art. It will have the ability to transform our world view into one in line with heaven. We have lost the art of symbolism. Heaven is full of symbols and part of the renaissance is to redeem that which has become distorted. Somehow we have synchromeshed the cultural symbols of this world with our perspective of heavenly symbols, and with this amalgamation we have come up with something that is somewhat distorted.

            To have a greater understanding of this amalgamation here is an example of two world cultures that have intertwined: Certain places in Africa were very expressive, western civilization comes in with its culture and the African art forms of expression become distorted, and in some cases squashed. Now apply that understanding to the bigger picture and we can see how the undercurrents of world cultural influence have the ability to distort heavens art forms. I believe that the time of renaissance is a time to redeem what has been distorted.

            With the renaissance comes heavenly revelation and one of the main reasons for revelation is to bring restoration. This restoration now brings the unfamiliar things of heaven and replaces the familiar. It will challenge the familiar things we value and give it more of a heavenly perspective bringing the unfamiliar to the forefront. It's like heaven releasing a whole new generation of creative spiritual warriors.

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Restoration of a Classic 

            A number of months ago I started restoring a classic 68 Camaro from the ground up. All the new parts for this classic car slowly made their way into the shop. The car was sandblasted and I aligned it with all the new panels plus restored the doors to their original form. The strange thing about it all is that years ago I had a dream that I restored my older brother's vehicle and here I am doing it! My senses told me that there was something very prophetic about this car and the restoration process. The restoration of an apostolic vehicle as heaven views it will be similar to the restoration of this classic car. That spiritual insight will unfold through the natural application. The actual restoration of the one will unveil the restoration process of the other. Heaven plans to speak volumes through the process and whatever is spoken will not be by words; another case of the natural speaking of the supernatural.

            It is important in any restoration project to outline what the look, the handling, and what the power is going to consist of. With that the metamorphosis of a classic vehicle begins. In the initial tear down I saw what parts I needed to replace and what parts I could reuse, along with understanding the extent of the restoration and the modifications needed to make this vehicle truly into a vehicle for today. I knew that a key part was going to be the alignment from front to back, because without this, the restoration process would end up being an even bigger challenge. What is meant to be an adventure could become a continuous struggle if the misalignment is not addressed.

            In this present spiritual season I do feel like I'm going through an alignment myself. As I allowed heaven to align me more and more, it automatically allowed me to enter the apostolic process. In a group setting, I can actually see the apostolic alignment unfold before me. As it’s revealed more and more, heaven then aligns me personally into something that is more Christ-like. The two are somehow related. As I allowed the overall alignment process to take its place, I felt a greater stability, which then allowed me to walk away from the frailties and flaws from the past. An important element if I am to move forward. As for the car restoration; the waiting of those parts as they individually show up was a great frustration. Finally when they did arrive, I was able to move deeper into the restoration process. During the assembly, I realized every part was as important as the others. Big or small they all have equal value; new or used they were all needed to complete the restoration. So it is with the unfolding apostolic process — I need to patiently wait for all the right parts to come in.

            With the car; one of the biggest challenges was the assembly of the doors along with the alignment of the windows. This part of the process spoke volumes about doors and windows in our lives, not only personally, but also in the apostolic setting. I realized the need to be patient and not to rush the process. Allow wisdom to have its way as it aligns the beauty within.

            The vehicle I began with was a vehicle that most people would have walked away from. It needed serious work for it had a history of big hits and the evidence of those hits was very clear as I stripped the vehicle down. The misalignment was very obvious. The restoration of something from yesterday into something for today is going to be a bit of a transition. The vehicle of today needs to perform and handle better than it did in the past, and this adds more to the design modifications.

            I forced myself to tap into the wisdom of the old along with the wisdom of the new, and amalgamate the two to define the wisdom for today. With that wisdom I was able to press deeper into the vision for the vehicle. Mentally that was a big stretch for me and it forced me to tap into the wisdom of others, which finally directed me to the completion of the restoration. The primary focus for this restored vehicle was to capture the original pioneering spirit and integrate it with the power and culture of today. It was obvious that the restoration process plans to chart into unfamiliar territory as the vehicle is being restored and transformed. I have found that entering the unfamiliar is a big part of the creative process. One never knows what great ideas await during the exploration.

            Looking at the finished product, I have come to the conclusion that a key part of the apostolic process is that innovative pioneering spirit, combined with a refined spirit that can work with the good, the bad, the ugly and the new. What originally launched me into the restoration adventure was that visual of the finished product and I remember thinking, "Now that is going to be an awesome vehicle." And there she is with all her beauty totally restored. Now I'm only guessing but I have to believe that God probably says the same thing about us while he's visualizing that finished product in our unfinished state.

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Building a Big Family

            Today I had a need to define this whole thing about the Father of heaven and the kingdom that surrounds him. What I have found is that one of the key elements that drives the Father is his desire to have a big family, which was the very reason for sending his Son. Since creation his plan has never changed. I remember when I first entered his kingdom. I was like a kid resting my head on his dad's chest and the Son of God welcomed me to his Father's house. I felt like I was adopted into this amazing family. I realized that his house and my world view clashed. But in the midst of all the clashing, my new found Father would come and he would speak amazing words of comfort. I have learned that whenever heaven speaks it reflects the heart of the Father.

            This relationship with the Father is also a two-way street and not this thing where he speaks and I tremble. He wants to have family fun, which is why he has given us access to angels, his Son, and the Holy Spirit. I have discovered that the Holy Spirit is an actual person, omnipresent and omnipotent — the ultimate super hero. I also found out that the Son is with the Father and it is the power of the Holy Spirit doing most of the work down here on earth.

            As I learned more about the Father I also learned more about the dynamics of his kingdom. Reality is that his kingdom is in direct conflict with the kingdom of darkness, and there are some very dark things out there that we contend with continually. The last thing darkness wants is for us to embrace the true voice of the Father, and so counterfeits continually try to overshadow his voice by tossing in a wrench. I have discerned the voice of the Father and I have also felt the impact of that wrench from the counterfeits, and what I now know is that when my heavenly Father speaks it is heart to heart and directed to the very heart of the matter. It's all done in love. He embraces with his arms of love as a father loves his child. He will speak as one who loves absolutely. He longs to restore the thing that is lost, stolen, or broken down. When he speaks to me he draws me unto himself and I find myself melting in his presence and an amazing peace comes to still the waters that have a tendency to rage in my life. I hear words of hope, faith and his words are directed to the very fabric of who I am in him.

            The counterfeit does all the finger pointing. He will speak words that are out of season solely intended to control and manipulate. At times this is disguised under the banner of constructive criticism when it is really a web of deceit. Other times it's just a dog and pony show intended to lead us down the garden path. Freedom never comes with his words, just more pressure and being under the thumb. Our Father of heaven never disciplines with a blinding left hook, only the counterfeit does. Our Father in heaven is an amazing loving father and he is building this present relationship for eternal reasons. His love is for ever and ever. He has some serious future plans for his family — and we are all in it!

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Touring the Palace

            Reading the word of God is like walking through a palace that has over sixty incredible rooms. His heart, kingdom and voice are all in this palace. As I explored, I found myself directed with revelation and inspiration, and as I walked deeper into that palace — the tools from heavens own treasure chest began to carve and reshape my life.

            The first room I entered was really the front porch of all creation, which then gave me access to the courtrooms. I visited the historical rooms of man and his God, which lead me to the rooms of philosophy and music where I began to hear the chords of deliverance for the first time. Then I entered the business rooms and then the chapel of romance, and from there I found myself in the prophetic rooms that spoke of a bright morning star. Before I knew it I was in four rooms with the King himself — four amazing rooms that revealed the heavenly Father. Then I found myself in the hall where the work was actually done, and then into the rooms of communication and correspondence. Finally I was standing on the back deck where revelation of things to come is bestowed.

            It is an incredible place. As I toured through his palace, I touched the waters that refresh and cleanse. I partook of the living bread from heaven. Light was before me as it guided my footsteps. More was revealed about the three that run this heavenly government. Revelation was released in understanding the love of God. I felt that I actually walked with him as he shared of his kingdom and his plans for eternity.

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The Breath of Life

            I had dream/vision where I was sitting alone and then someone approached me from behind and placed their hand upon my one shoulder. As the breath of the one that stood over me hit me, I instantly knew it was the Lord himself. Words in itself can not describe the breath of God as it impacts you. The clashing of two worlds — the supernatural invading the flesh.

            The very moment that breath cascaded upon my head and rippled down my shoulders I instantly knew that by this breath — things were created, things were established, things were restored, renewed, revived and revealed.

            That cascading sensation — like a wave, passed its way through every molecule in my body, leaving an amazing freshness as my body totally surrendered to its unbelievable presence. An intense goodness flooded through every part of my being. Every cell instantly sensing the creative authority of the creator. A profound sense of the commanded authority of an absolute God.        As the continual blasts of his breath waved through me, my breath fell into the rhythm of his breath. My spirit slowly aligned with his spirit. As he stood behind me his breath impacted my back, powered through and captured my breath. I saw a collective breath with the expression of God having a powerful creative component to it as it was released upon the surrounding environment. It moved with such creative expression. The glory of God swirling every breath as it flowed with such an expression of his glory. What a sensation! A display of supreme power and amazing grace all wrapped in one. When I woke up all I could think about was the intense life behind every breath as it passed every cell and molecule in my body. That dream/vision was probably my third dream regarding the breath of the Lord. Obviously it’s an important piece of information and for some reason heaven was putting their finger on it. The whole sensation of that breath resided in the room for quite some time. I just drank it all in!

            Obviously my curiosity got the best of me and I had to research this very unusual phenomena A good place to start — the book of Genesis. This is what I found, “The Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.” 1500 years later the Lord speaks to Ezekiel about a valley of dry bones. As he breathed on the valley of dry bones an army stood up. The creativeness of his breath brought life upon those slain bones. God raised himself an army! The bizarre thing is that Jesus shows up with the apostolic model and does a little breathing of his own in the book of John “. . . as my Father has sent me — so do I send you!” and then he breathed upon them and said “Receive the Holy Spirit.” And with that breath the apostolic age was born. Then I stumbled upon a Hebrew meaning for the word salvation — to take a breath. That pretty well summed up the research for me!

            My overall sense is that as it was in the beginning with the apostolic age so will it be in these later days — but with greater intensity. The breath of the Lord plans to impact through a multitude of creative applications. My guess is he’s looking for those that will breath with him as he breaths upon them. Those that will take a breath — His breath!

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Hitting the Beach

            On this day I was with two friends and both these guys wanted to get baptized. They thought the same thing I did, that if baptism was good enough for the Son of God then it was good enough for them, and so they asked me and another friend if we would do the baptism. I reflected on my own baptism and how off the charts that experience was for me. So I said , "Let's do it boys! " They mentioned a place out on a beach where they surfed so we made our way there towards an isolated bay close to City Park.

            It was a cloudy day, but when we entered the water something amazing happened. The clouds parted and the sun shone on the very part of that beach where the four of us were standing. It was like a spotlight from heaven over the four of us. After totally immersing these guys in the ocean, standing before the sun, the sky rolled back to that cloudy day that we all started with. As we looked up we knew something special had just happened. Heaven witnessed their baptisms. The four of us stood there stunned and amazed that heaven would actually peek in. Then we looked up towards the top of the ridge behind us and saw a dozen or more people standing there just as stunned as we were — they too had witnessed the whole event. All I know is that baptism has a way of becoming an amazing event every time it comes into play.

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Star Light Star Bright

            One night I was sitting outside star gazing. It was a clear night and I could see all kinds of stuff streaking across the skies. The stars were extremely bright that night and I remember saying, "Your creation is awesome, Lord." Then I heard this response: "What you are seeing up here is similar to what I see when I look down there." He continued, "Those that are his in Spirit are viewed as shining stars by all those who are looking down from heaven. As heavenly stars shine up the dark skies in the heavens, so are those that are his shining up a dark world down there. When you see stars up here we see stars down there." Wow!

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The Storms Continue

            In spite of these off-the-wall experiences, I'm really no different than any other guy who’s trying to raise a family, pay his bills, and keep the wheels of commerce going — except I find myself continually pulled between lifes struggles and the processing of a prophetic voice that heaven grafted into my life. My life has been walking from storm to storm, surviving one only to find myself launched into another. It has been tough to see the end of the tunnel, and this day added to what became another long arduous week. Mentally challenged by the overwhelming circumstances in family and finances, I again felt pressed to the max. I tried so hard to make it work, only to come short again. Caught up in emotion, I drove down the road, not knowing where I was going, but thinking that perhaps if I drove fast enough the weight of the world might drop off my shoulders. I looked up and asked if it was possible to smile in the midst of the surrounding storms. I continued down the road and ended up driving right into an actual storm. Darkness fell all around me. Then out of the darkness beams of light broke through the clouds and landed around my car. A rainbow appeared, arching from one side of the road to the other, and the rays of sunbeams glistened upon every single raindrop that was falling. The twinkling of raindrops upon that dark backdrop looked like diamonds as they were hitting my windshield. What an amazing sight! As I drove through the rainbow with diamonds falling all around me, I had to smile. Right then I looked up realizing just how creative heaven can get when they answer prayer. God, you are amazing.

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The White Box

            As I laid back on my couch a prophetic movie started to play through my head. What I saw was a big white box and in it were white box leaders. They were discussing their writings and trying to iron out their up-and-coming speeches based on their important new findings. Outside the white box the winds were blowing hard. I then saw a person walking against the raging wind. The wind was spraying him with all kinds of dirt and mud. Prior to the winds picking up he looked somewhat clean, but now in the midst of the storm he looked a little tattered. He made his way to the white box for cover and walked in looking somewhat beat up. The white box leaders sat him down and presented their latest speeches and writings. Upon finishing their presentation they sent him on his way. Days later he came back to the white box looking even more weathered and dirty because the winds were still blowing all around. Those inside the white box decided to sit him down again. This time they decided to take him through a counseling session and show him more of their writings. His time was up and once again he found himself outside the white box facing the winds. As he stood there leaning into the winds, he reached into his coat and tucked close to his heart he pulled out an amazing jewel. The light from that treasured jewel beamed out from his coat as he slowly slid it out. Partway out he looked upon his hidden treasure and then slid it back into his coat close to his heart. I noticed there were others like him and they huddled together from time to time and they would share of their great treasures. As they stood up against the winds, I looked over and saw the leaders of the white box once again discussing their latest finds and organizing the next main event. Off they went to put their latest speeches and writings together.

            When the vision ended this was the interpretation that heaven gave me. The white box represented a structure that was initially built to help people; for the real treasure was in the people. The white box leaders were always discovering bits of treasure, while those outside had the real treasure hidden in their hearts. They had the pearl of great price. If the white box leaders had only tapped into the hearts of those outside the box they to would have discovered the greatest treasure of all. But the white box leaders were more interested in the things they valued and forced those values upon the people. The primary value of the white box when it was initially created was to value people, to help them along their way, but somehow things got all sidetracked. The white box is a picture of something propped up illuminating its clean image, when in fact it has missed the mark in so many ways. Now with its bold image it’s become somewhat dysfunctional as it stares out into the world.

            Heaven has always been known to deposit its heavenly treasures in the hearts of people, and those who have received those heavenly deposits are usually not the obvious ones. We need to spend the time to find the hidden treasure that heaven has deposited upon those that truly belong to heaven, which means putting our own agendas aside at times.

            Every now and then I think about that movie and I'm convinced that the movie deserves a just reward — Like maybe an Oscar!

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Prophetic Word

            “I have brought you to this place and it is not by chance. I have orchestrated it all. So rest in me and be at peace with those around you. Take care of every loose end by seeing everything through completely and with integrity, and in a right spirit. You have been endowed with much, and much wisdom will blossom from it. Never forget the fresh manna that heaven has for you, for without it things may go awry. So come and sit around my fire and do not fret about your well doing, for I am more interested in your presence than your well doing. I have much to share with you as we walk into the amazing coming season. Ask for wisdom and wisdom will have its way and much more, for you are mine and I watch out for those that are mine. Heaven watches over you. Everything that was done in the past has a purpose. It was all allowed, for your past has prepared you for the plans ahead. I have great plans for you. Don't be rushed, but wait upon me. Place your hands to what is before you, but at the same time wait upon me. I am aligning things for your great adventure. I have called you friend and as you press into your journey with me I will take care of those around you that are a part of you. I will also deal with those around you for I am your shield and rampart. I watch over those that are mine. You have friends in high places, make no mistake about it. Heaven watches over you.”

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